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SF Wing Foil academy

Ride with more confidence

SF WFA will introduce, teach, and guide your journey to learning the fastest growing watersport — Wing Foiling.

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"This was the most fun I've ever had!"
- Bryant
"Learning how to wing foil made me feel young again. And Josh was an excellent teacher!"
- Joe
"My wife hates me now since I'm hooked on wing foiling. Thanks SFWFA!"
- Bob

We will guide you every step of the way

Boat support

Can't go upwind? No worries. Our 26ft twin engine boat will help you launch from anywhere in the bay

Beginner friendly

Wing foiling is easy for those that are fit and committed. But with the right instruction, you'll be up and flying on foil quickly

Take your time and ride the swell on a Golden Gate Downwinder!

Looking to do a downwinder from the Golden Gate to Richmond? Hop on!

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